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YiFang, my grandmother, married a young farmer in Taiwan. My grandfather worked in the pineapple fields all day. The heat of the pineapple fields was really overwhelming. Therefore, YiFang decided to make a pineapple drink to relieve her husband from the heat.

YiFang made the best use of over-ripe pineapples and braised them in a natural fruit jam. She whipped a large pot of thirst-quenching, refreshing pineapple water every day and became her husband's healthy drink.

Taiwan is a beautiful and abundant treasure island, which has been home to several generations of Taiwanese. No matter how joyful or sorrowful life is, the simplicity, warmth, and kindness of the people are the most precious. Yifang's most popular fruit tea inherits its childhood name and secret formula from its grandmother. Only seasonal fruits are used. People can taste the fresh and sweet naturalness of the fruit. All the tea leaves come from Taiwan. We insist on MIT (Made in Taiwan) and reproduce the traditional and classic taste of bubble tea.




100% natural ingredients
No artificial flavor

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YiFang Tea

YiFang is proud of the high-quality tea leaves used in all its bubble tea. Each tea leaf is ethically produced and carefully hand-picked in Taiwan and then exported to the rest of the world.

YiFang Fruits

Organically grown on fertile soil, every fruit is well taken care of by farmers in France. YiFang's iconic fruit teas are made from only the freshest fruits that have been carefully selected for a refreshing and healthy taste.

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YiFang Sugar

Yifang uses strictly selected fresh sugar cane from Taiwan to make granulated sugars. The golden sugar cane has a delicate sweetness which is nourishing and mouthwatering. It is freshly boiled every day to obtain its sweet and natural taste.

YiFang Milk

YiFang insists on using only fresh and premium whole cow's milk. No creamer, nor artificial powder has been added, making it a healthier choice. Every sip is delightful and tasty.

YiFang also provides premium soya milk as a vegan option.

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